Joe Symes and The Loving Kind interview

This four piece band from Liverpool who own a record label called Truly Independent completed a 2 1/2 year tour across the UK and parts of Europe to promote their critically acclaimed second album Phase II before the Coronavirus pandemic spread across the world. It’s gained airplay on radio stations in the UK and across the world as well as reviews, interviews and has been endorsed by celebrities in the UK and elsewhere.

The band are currently working on a four track EP which is the follow up to Phase II and it will be released early next year. They are back in rehearsals at Pirate Studios and are working on their new EP at Crosstown Studios.

I caught up with the band to see how things have been going for them.


1 How did your recent lengthy tour promoting your last album go?

JS&TLK – Intense, but very enjoyable. Yeah, intensely enjoyable; that’s the best way to describe it. Months would go by when we didn’t even need to rehearse, because we were constantly on the road. We went to so many places, met so many people, and went down amazing everywhere.

Plus, at the same time we were recording the album (Phase II) all over the country. Unlike the first album, it was produced, mixed and mastered in four different studios. Peter Gabriel’s Solid State Logic in Oxfordshire, The Motor Museum in Liverpool, Abbey Road in London, and finally all finished back in Liverpool at Parr Street Studios. So, combine that, four to six gigs a month, then to continue that when the album was released, it was a pretty hardcore schedule. Two and a half years it lasted all together. By the end of it we were totally exhausted. But was it worth it? Hell, yes! We produced another album we’re extremely proud that is loved by so many. The celebrity endorsement videos that went out earlier this year were a nice addition too. The UK actors Andy Whitaker (Emmerdale), and John McCardle (Brookside/Emmerdale/And the Beat Goes On), plus US actor Michael Shiflett (Lincoln/Killing Kennedy/Evan Almighty) said some wonderful things, which only added to how proud we are of what we do. Can’t complain at all.

2 The band are currently in studios rehearsing and writing new material. How are things going, what impact has the pandemic had on this?

JS&TLK – Like most people around the world, we have had delays due to recent events.

We started recording the upcoming EP back in February with an initial release date set for Summer 2020. Just as we were about to go back in to do the second session the country was put into lockdown. To add to that, the first few gigs of this year had just been announced too, which unfortunately had to be cancelled. To say it was devastating would be an understatement. This year has really hit a lot of people hard especially in the music world, and sadly some venues have suffered, which has been very sad to see.

But fortunately, all online promotion did continue though that period including international airplay, magazine/radio interviews/reviews, and we’ve been back in the studio over the Autumn to continue work on the EP, plus rehearsals to get ourselves ready to do live shows in the new year. Better late than never.

3 Your new 4 track EP which is a follow up to Phase II is out early next year. What can people expect from it and is there a release date?

JS&TLK – Not as heavy as the last album, so to speak, but still very up up-tempo and catchy. Lots of Rickenbackers and Fender Stratocasters. Can’t give too much away; that would spoil it. At the latest, we’re looking at early Spring to release it. It sounds amazing already, and you won’t be disappointed.

4 Finally what’s next for Joe Symes and The Loving Kind?

JS&TLK – Getting the new EP finally released, and being able to get on stage again. We’re nicely rested now after the last tour, and the batteries are fully charged again. Obviously due what’s been happening the break from gigging has been a little longer than what was planned, but like everyone else out there, we’re now just itching have an audience in front of us. New songs have been written too, and we’ve been thinking over ideas for the next few releases after the EP. Always good to plan ahead.

Thanks for the interview to Joe Symes and The Loving Kind. Good luck with the new EP! Below are links to their social media and a song Summer’s Almost Coming from their Phase II album.


December 2020

Joe Symes and The Loving Kind – Summer’s Almost Coming
Joe Symes and The Loving Kind

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